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Raymond Mill for processing and production of pulverized coal

The Raymond Mill developed and produced by the company can be used as the production of pulverized coal, but many users will be more curious about the grinding requirements of pulverized coal and some uses of pulverized coal. Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction to these user questions, hope Can satisfy your curiosity.

When it comes to coal, we are no strangers, but when it comes to industrial coal or industrial Raymond Mills, even a lot of users in related industries will feel a little unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity is mainly from the requirements of industrial coal. What is a standard, where is the main use of industrial coal, and what kind of Raymond Mill is used for these pulverized coal products. The following two questions are addressed to you.

1. What are the requirements for industrial coal?

In industrial production, coal is not like our domestic coal, they are used in large quantities. Therefore, in order to solve the problems of production cost, production efficiency, environmental pollution, etc., in industrial coal, it is generally necessary to use the coal mill. (also known as Raymond Mill) for micro-powder, so that the pulverized coal meets certain requirements, and then used for industrial combustion production, and the mill here usually uses Raymond Mill series, such as LM series Raymond Mill. Or Raymond Mills such as the LUM series of new Raymond Mills.

The equipment used for the grinding of industrial pulverized coal is a Raymond Mill. The reason why this product is used for pulverized coal grinding is mainly due to the following reasons: First, coal is more prone to explosions during grinding, and the equipment is Explosion-proof devices and heating devices are installed in the production, so that the occurrence of pulverized coal grinding accidents can be effectively avoided. Secondly, there is a standard for industrial pulverized coal, and the pulverized coal after grinding with a Raymond Mill just meets this standard; After comparison, the evaluation of this equipment in the market is relatively high, and many users like to use this product.

Speaking of the standard of industrial coal, Xiao Bian searched the relevant data and found that the industrial pulverized coal particle size is generally ground by the Raymond Mill of the ground coal to more than zero micron to less than 1000 micron, and more common One distribution is between 20 microns and 50 microns, ie between 300 mesh and 750 mesh; in addition, the bulk density of industrial pulverized coal after grinding is generally between 0.045 and 0.5 tons without cubic meters. After a period of accumulation, the density is roughly between 0.8 and 0.9 tons without cubic meters. The above are the industrial requirements for industrial pulverized coal, which users can refer to.

2. Use of Raymond Mill

When it comes to the use of industrial pulverized coal, we can have a general scope, namely thermal power industry and chemical industry. In the above two industries, pulverized coal is used as fuel to meet production requirements, and pulverized coal industry The required standard is as described above, and a special Raymond Mill is needed for processing and production. The test and actual production prove that the Raymond Mill is more suitable for industrial coal production and fine crushing.

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