Sand Making Machine

1, Intelligent Sand Making Machine Tends To Be Simple And Practical

From the earliest WiFi network control to today's fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, human-computer interaction performance greatly improved, intelligent Sand Making Machine products are from the weak intelligence to the intelligent development. The smart Sand Making Machine product audience will also shift from the early adopters to more ordinary users, even including the elderly and children. More intelligent technology applications, more complex user structure and a wider range of user coverage and other factors will inevitably lead to intelligent Sand Making Machine products tend to be simple and practical.

Details of this product

2, Line Debugging Service Team Expansion To Shorten The Consumer Education Cycle

Experienced the popularity of the concept of 2015, many people know the River Gravel Sand Making Machine, but still do not understand its function, advantages. 2016 years is the outbreak of intelligent Sand Making Machine year, a variety of features of the product after another, rich product categories require professional line debugging team to follow up after-sales service, face to face communication assistance is conducive to shorten the consumer education cycle, increase consumer purchase And the use of expectations.

3、Intelligent Sand Making Machine Application Scene Expanded

In 2016, sand making machine was widely watched. With the upgrading of technology, River Gravel Sand Making Machine also matures. When the user needs to expand, the product is more rich, River Gravel Sand Making Machine application scenarios will improve the living environment, improve safety monitoring on the basis of intelligent life will penetrate all aspects of sand making machine.

4, Industry Standards Gradually Unified

At present, both international and domestic have not yet appeared in a unified intelligent Sand Making Machine industry standards, and standards are not unified lead to intelligent Sand Making Machine manufacturers can not effectively interoperability between products. Product incompatibility affect the user to buy options, but also increased the cost of intelligent Sand Making Machine system laying, thus hindering the intelligent Sand Making Machine system covers a large area of ordinary residential users. Obviously, the industry standard will become a battleground, in all the Sand Making Machine suppliers to vigorously promote the next two years, the industry standard will be gradually unified.

The main factors affecting the development of Sand Making Machine market

Promotion factor

Intelligent city construction

National "13th Five-Year Plan" proposed, the construction of a number of demonstration of the new smart city. In 2016, the state from the top of the policy design to the pilot landing and so on a comprehensive all-round advance. The construction of the wisdom of the city to promote the wisdom of the community, intelligent buildings and intelligent River Gravel Sand Making Machine in-depth development of policy support for the market has brought greater confidence.

Product technology upgrade

This year, intelligent Sand Making Machine single product after another, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies have been applied. Technology upgrades bring the product intelligence will bring a better user experience.

Open system platform

Intelligent River Gravel Sand Making Machine products increased, open system platform is particularly important. In the same open system platform, all kinds of intelligent Sand Making Machine products can effectively achieve interoperability, simplifying the consumer choice process.

Obstruction Factor

Industry Standards Are Not Uniform

At present, intelligent Sand Making Machine industry and there is no uniform standard, each platform for their own war, but also to the user a great choice of problems. Accelerate the same industry standard, in order to make product technology complement each other in order to gradually melt the industry barriers and portal view.

Profit Model

Intelligent Sand Making Machine industry profit model is still in the exploratory stage, all River Gravel Sand Making Machine suppliers are looking for sustainable development model, to speed up the enterprise profit model innovation. The future of the intelligent Sand Making Machine industry's core profit model will be: intelligent Sand Making Machine products as the tentacles, access to consumer habits data, data mining and analysis, the results of the analysis with third-party service providers to provide personalized to consumers Offline service.

Technical Data

Sand Making Machine Parameter

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