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China Grinding Mill Manufacturer Reform And Development

Since the cut in production, China Grinding Mill Manufacturer is based on long-term and rainy day. In the face of the urgent reality of industrial transformation and personnel transfer, it closely focuses on the market development of grinding mill, and thoroughly implements the sales strategy, Consolidate the innovation and entrepreneurship and the development of a good situation.

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First, Speed Up The Transformation, To Ensure A High Degree Of Awareness

The key to transformation in industry, the way out in the market, determines the factors in people. China Grinding Mill Manufacturer highlights the transformation of ideas, cohesion development consensus, run the transition industry, and strive to achieve the plan to the market changes, production to business transformation.

Thinking to decide the way out. Through the full sales initiatives, China Grinding Mill Manufacturer to implement a part of the job in place, a post can be implemented in place, the staff of the appropriate implementation in place, formed a boost to the development of the joint efforts. Participate in the transformation, service transformation awareness to further enhance, seek transformation, Chuang market, and promote the development of the ability to further enhance.

Know the guide action. Transformation of converting, transfer transfer, the reality forced, the situation forced. Full promotion, full sales, is the industrial transformation, the need for dynamic transfer, is more labor and more, according to the needs of remuneration. China Grinding Mill Manufacturer to strengthen the thinking of the "first power", once a year the situation of education and publicity discussion from the uninterrupted, the formation of "not change the idea of ​​substitutions, do not turn on the concept of transfer, do not turn jobs on the" crisis And sense of responsibility, profound understanding of transformation, transfer ideas into the brain into the heart, to overcome the difficulties of confidence, the determination of transformation and development continue to increase. China Grinding Mill Manufacturer to carry out full sales, boost the development of the transition, so that "sales tasks we pick, everyone has the index" concept, get a consistent adherence and implementation.

Second, The Clear Requirements, The Implementation Of Security Efforts

No action decisive and firm, there will be no implementation of the results. China Grinding Mill Manufacturer heritage development, accumulation of deepening, "strict fine, stable and ruthless, public loyalty" management features, one heart and one mind, to break the routine, China Grinding Mill industry for many years to maintain perseverance, together tackling the full sales trend.

Focusing on Mechanism Innovation. In recent years, China Grinding Mill Manufacturer has formulated and implemented a series of policies and regulations, and continuously improve and promote the sales of all employees. The implementation of the interests of bundling incentives, full set of shares, sales targets into the annual income and expenditure plate. In the full sales operation, linked with the performance appraisal, linked with the proportion of performance pay, and performance pay linked to the completion of a monthly report, the results of the results of a monthly cash. To carry out the normal sales of large sales charts, the selection of weeks on sales champion, to promote sales do not hinder the work, boost morale is not bruised enthusiasm.

Third, Strengthen The Measures To Protect The Depth Of Advance

No matter how good the transition products have to go to the market, to achieve the ultimate goal of commodity realization. China Grinding Mill Manufacturer adhere to the implementation of full sales and full-time sales of complementary wage payments and incentives to effective measures to ensure co-operation, deep forward, the strong implementation of full sales work.

China Grinding Mill Manufacturer. In the organization and implementation of the requirements of the work, the goal is not to relax, pay close attention to the implementation of unwavering, break down the sales task, go all out to grasp the main industry, co-ordinate the market; tourism, distribution and management departments follow the target plan to track the assessment The China Grinding Mill Manufacturer has maintained the importance of "turning and not moving", and it is the important basis for the inspection of the work attitude and ability. The same, selling and not selling the same "work situation.

Production and marketing one, the depth of advance. According to the market demand for grinding mill, China Grinding Mill Manufacturer makes full use of large marketing, big feedback information, improve quality, improve the process, the production of marketable grinding mill.

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