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Ore Milling Equipment Industry Unswervingly Follow The Path Of Development To Win

Strong quality Ore Milling Equipment industry strong, Ore Milling Equipment industry competition in the final analysis is the quality of competition. To promote China's manufacturing to achieve the quality of the road to development, the key is to adhere to innovation, coordination, green, open and share the new development concept, to comprehensively improve the quality of products and services to achieve the supply system to the high-end into a central task, The implementation of "Made in China 2025", so that "create quality" to become China to create a new theme, and strive to achieve the speed of China to China's quality change.

Consolidate the quality of technology and technology base, is to create the fundamental quality. Ore Milling Equipment industry life lies in the quality, quality based on the production, production into the skills. We should continue to promote industrial strong-based projects, carry out quality and technology research in key areas, encourage scientific research institutions and key enterprises to carry out technological innovation, and get rid of the key common technical bottlenecks that restrict the quality of Ore Milling Equipment industry. Strengthen the quality of design, increase inspection and verification technology development and reliability testing, and continuously improve the performance of Ore Milling Equipment stability, functional reliability and quality consistency, as soon as possible to the international advanced level closer. Continue to promote key industries to optimize the process of action, to overcome a number of quality upgrading of the basic process to improve the level of key process control to ensure that good materials can create a good product. Focus on the Ore Milling Equipment industry, focus on improving product accuracy, stability and service life, to strengthen the design, manufacture, test links key technology research and development, through the quality of the industry chain to promote the overall quality improvement.

Improve the Ore Milling Equipment supplier quality management capabilities, is to create the basic quality of relying on. Technology and management is the enterprise quality assurance system of the "two rounds", which, technology and technology is a hard foundation, management ideas and methods are soft support. To guide the concept of enterprise innovation management, improve the management system, improve management, all-round to strengthen quality management and services. Continue to organize the selection of quality benchmarking and "benchmarking experience into the thousands of enterprises" activities, popularize the promotion of high performance, Six Sigma, lean production and other advanced quality management methods. Support Ore Milling Equipment suppliers to improve the product life cycle quality traceability, to strengthen from raw material procurement to production and sales of the whole process of quality management. Vigorously promote the Ore Milling Equipment industry and the depth of the Internet integration, make full use of things, large data, cloud computing and other advanced network information technology means to improve the quality of precision control and online real-time detection capabilities. Promotion of system integration, cloud manufacturing, fault diagnosis, remote consultation and other online professional services to enhance the quality of manufacturing Ore Milling Equipment suppliers quality management. To further optimize the quality of small and medium sized Ore Milling Equipment supplier quality management training, from the overall improvement of China's Ore Milling Equipment supplier quality management level. To carry out quality management research for future manufacturing model, to support Ore Milling Equipment suppliers to explore the digital economy under the quality management innovation, summed up in line with China's national conditions of quality management theory and methods.

Improve the quality of the construction of standard system, is to create an important measure of quality. Standards determine the quality, only high standards have high quality, only high standards to create a good product. To adhere to the standard lead, develop and implement the international advanced level of quality standards, shorten the standard revision cycle, improve the quality of the advanced nature, effectiveness and applicability. To China's Ore Milling Equipment industry as a breakthrough in the field of industry, to encourage the relevant Ore Milling Equipment supplier to lead or participate in the development of international standards to lead the quality of high standards to enhance. To optimize the supply structure of the standard, to promote the construction of market quality standards to support the industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and other emerging areas of excellent Ore Milling Equipment suppliers to develop guiding industry standards to support qualified associations, industry alliances to develop pilot group standards, And support Ore Milling Equipment suppliers to adopt advanced quality standards to promote the quality of Ore Milling Equipment to a new level. Promote the establishment of a unified national standard information network platform, increase the implementation of quality standards supervision, to carry out the implementation of quality standards to assess the high standards forced enterprises to continuously improve the quality of Ore Milling Equipment. Solidly promote the implementation of consumer goods standards and increase varieties, to mention quality, a brand "three products" special action, aimed at the masses of concern, social concerns of food, medicine, medical equipment and other consumer goods safety issues, to speed up the development of relevant quality standards to improve the standard quality Upgrade, increase the effective supply of high-end consumer goods.

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