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China Ultrafine Mill Industry Should Be "People-Oriented"

The global Ultrafine Mill industry competition pattern has changed, advanced manufacturing technology to become the key to competitiveness. At the end of the two sessions, the Ultrafine Mill industry upgrade once again become a key word. "Government Work Report" proposed in-depth implementation of "Made in China 2025", the first clear development of "smart manufacturing" as the main direction. At the same time, China's economic growth slowed and Sino-US economic and trade relations became more and more complicated. In this context, multinational companies how to boost the Chinese Ultrafine Mill industry upgrade? How to seize new opportunities for development? How is it keen to capture the new needs of China's transformation and upgrading?

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The Competitive Advantage Of China'S Ultrafine Mill Industry Has Changed

In the current development situation, China is still the preferred target for investment in the preparation of sufficient Ultrafine Mill suppliers. Two or three years ago, some multinational companies began to abandon the Chinese Ultrafine Mill market, and blame China's economic recession, investment attraction, government policy constraints and other factors. Honeywell is still firmly optimistic about the Chinese Ultrafine Mill market, we strive to become a "Chinese Ultrafine Mill supplier", the Chinese Ultrafine Mill market is our driving force to achieve growth, rather than the performance of the scapegoat.

Whether the Chinese Ultrafine Mill Industry Loses Cost Competitive Advantage is debatable. In some industries, China is indeed losing its cost advantage, such as labor arbitrage from the point of view, coastal and other labor-intensive industries are facing increasing cost pressures, low-tech low-end production can also need to be transferred to the labor force Lower prices of the country. It is undeniable that Vietnam, India and other emerging manufacturing countries are emerging, but China's cost competitiveness is still exhausted for a long time, China in some industries still maintain a high competitiveness. It is noteworthy that only the labor itself can not output goods, need to rely on machinery, plant, transportation and supply chain, such as a full set of systems. For example, labor costs account for 60% of Honeywell's production costs, but efficiency, logistics and supply chains are equally important, and there is a significant cost reduction space that is expected to become a new cost for Ultrafine Mill suppliers. To counter the pressure on rising labor prices, Ultrafine Mill supplier response measures include building the plant in a zone adjacent to the supply chain and achieving higher logistics efficiency at a lower cost.

R & D And Innovation Should Return To Basic Needs

The Chinese government encourages the knowledge economy and is actively promoting China's uptrend to the value chain, which means that the Ultrafine Mill industry must become more efficient. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, one of Honeywell's latest layout trends is focused on logistics and warehouse automation. As an important part of the Ultrafine Mill industry upgrade, intelligent interconnection warehousing can help retailers, manufacturers and logistics suppliers to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

China in transition has a series of urgent problems to be solved, but in the final analysis is "how can we really achieve sustainable development". China's environmental challenges for multinational companies and local Ultrafine Mill suppliers will be a huge innovation, cooperation and growth stage. In the field of energy and the environment, we believe that China can redouble its efforts, such as adopting more stringent and leading emission standards, forcing traditional Ultrafine Mill suppliers to increase innovation and accelerate industrial upgrading. For some emerging areas, such as large data, intelligent city, Internet of Things, China has the opportunity to become a pioneer. With the breadth and depth of the market, China can become the birthplace of these new technologies and new applications.

Chinese local Ultrafine Mill suppliers want to enhance their competitiveness in the field of intelligent manufacturing. First of all, enterprises to continue to research and development, and do research and development must be hard to find a country, a market the most real needs. R & D in the end is ultimately for the dignitaries. So long term, Ultrafine Mill supplier R & D and innovation should focus on solving human production and life in the most basic issues, need to adhere to the people-oriented, return to the most basic needs. Second, innovation needs to be precipitated, not to innovate. Experience tells us that industrial manufacturing Ultrafine Mill suppliers if you want to develop a new business, open up a new market, and success, must have a certain accumulation of technology and precipitation, which is not the slightest false, Need to work hard. In the area of ​​technological innovation, Ultrafine Mill suppliers do not have to pursue "fast or fast" or "subversive" technological revolution, but may wish to grasp the macro trend, relatively focused on several areas of strategic strategic and continuous research and development and technological innovation , And related to the process of continuous improvement.

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