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In today's world, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is breeding, the global Vertical Roller Mill industry is facing a major adjustment. China's Vertical Roller Mill industry is in a big change from the strong, climbing over the key stage, must improve the quality of products and services as a Vertical Roller Mill industry transformation and upgrading of the focus, conscientiously implement the "Made in China 2025" put forward the "quality first" basic Policy, to speed up the formation of quality brands as the logo of the new competitive advantage.

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Quality Is The Key To The Development Of The Vertical Roller Mill Market

Quality is the core factor of enterprise competitiveness, but also a comprehensive reflection of national strength. From the industrialized process of developed countries, the Vertical Roller Mill industry has generally experienced from the low-end extensive to high-end sophisticated quality evolution process, and ultimately through high-quality products to win the leading position and international reputation. Product quality is a powerful symbol of the Vertical Roller Mill industry. At present, the global Vertical Roller Mill industry has entered a more dimension, deeper level, higher level of all-round competition stage, China's industry towards the high-end face "two-way squeeze" serious challenge. In the low-end areas, low-cost, low-price competition between developing countries is becoming increasingly fierce. In the high-end areas, the developed countries firmly control key industries and areas of key core technology to brand quality and stability of the competition, and innovation in design, key technological innovation, international standards and other aspects of the right to speak. China to achieve industrial upgrading and quality catch up, and quickly enhance the competitiveness of high-end Vertical Roller Mill, we must improve the quality of products and services as Founding and transformation of this, is to accelerate the construction of the only way to build power.

China's Vertical Roller Mill industry is in a critical period of quality transformation. Since the reform and opening up, China's Vertical Roller Mill industry in the development of world-renowned achievements, has become the world's first Vertical Roller Mill industry power. The quality of the Vertical Roller Mill industry has improved significantly, the quality management capacity has been continuously improved, the quality and efficiency level has been steadily improved. Some products and service quality in the fields of raw materials, major equipment and consumer goods are close to the international advanced level, and a number of well- Brand. But on the whole, China's Vertical Roller Mill industry continues to improve the quality of the foundation is still relatively weak, the quality improvement rate is still lagging behind the changes in market demand, quality and safety accidents and disputes have occurred, the price-based product competition pattern need to reshape. Due to the lack of high-quality products supply capacity, China's high-end purchasing power through the "sea Amoy", overseas consumption and other forms of continuous outflow, some products because of other countries not meet the quality standards of export blocked. Take the road of quality to win the development of China's Vertical Roller Mill industry is to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the inherent requirements, but also to enhance the international competitiveness of the industry's inevitable choice, but also to meet the needs of the people to upgrade consumer demand for practical initiatives.

A new round of industrial change for the Vertical Roller Mill industry to provide an opportunity to upgrade quality. From the quality of supply, the current large data, cloud computing, Internet of things and other network information technology and Vertical Roller Mill industry integration, profound changes in the Vertical Roller Mill industry development concept and way, continue to spawn collaborative innovation, intelligent production, personality custom and other new models , But also for the quality of design, quality control, quality management, quality testing, and so provide a new tool and new means. From the quality needs, China's high-income and middle-income groups continue to expand, rising consumption in the high-end consumer, consumers have shifted from passive consumption to take the initiative to meet the basic needs to focus on fashion, taste, reputation, green change, market demand To diversification, personalization, intelligent evolution, gave birth to a large number of new product quality and service needs. Only by firmly grasping the quality improvement opportunities brought by industrial transformation, China is expected to achieve the varieties of Vertical Roller Mill industry to improve the quality of a brand by leaps and bounds to accelerate the promotion of China's Vertical Roller Mill industry value and international reputation for the construction of power Lay a solid foundation.

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