Portable Crushing Station

Analysis of China Portable Crushing Station Industry Chain

From the industrial chain point of view, the Mobile Crushing Station industry upstream industry chain, including new materials, new technology, new manufacturing equipment. The Mobile Crushing Station material is divided into four categories: semiconductor material, ceramic material, metal material and organic material. Downstream applications and industrial, automotive electronics, communications electronics, consumer electronics, special equipment, etc. associated. It can be seen, the Mobile Crushing Station industry upstream and downstream areas covered by a very wide range.

In recent years, China's Mobile Crushing Station applications are mainly distributed in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing, appliances, scientific instruments and meters, medical and health, communications electronics and automotive and other fields.

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China Portable Crushing Station Industry Investment Risk

  • First, technical risk. Japan and Europe in the Mobile Crushing Station technology has an absolute advantage, China's high-end Mobile Crushing Station market is basically dependent on imports, China's Mobile Crushing Station core technology is too small.
  • Second, the market risk. The key to the future of the Internet of Things is RFID, Mobile Crushing Station, embedded software and data transmission and other fields, But China Portable Crushing Station Manufacturer are not in a certain area in a monopoly position.
  • Third, the competitive risk. Large Portable Crushing Station Manufacturer do not want to do, small businesses can not do, because each area need to tailor the Mobile Crushing Station, although there are market demand, but the market size is not large, resulting in Mobile Crushing Station manufacturers cost of technology is too high; the contrary, the Mobile Crushing Station product technology Is built on the new sensitive materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology, bionic technology, new energy storage technology and very low energy consumption technology, small Portable Crushing Station Manufacturer do not have this technical ability.
  • Fourth, R & D risk. Mobile Crushing Station technology research requires a long time of investment, a Mobile Crushing Station research and development, to 6 years - 8 years to mature, the general China Portable Crushing Station Manufacturer can not afford such a long cycle. China Portable Crushing Station Manufacturer are more difficult to bear the failure, and the risk of Mobile Crushing Station research failure is high.

The development of Portable Crushing Station industry

  • First, the lack of core technology, innovation and weak. Portable Crushing Station in the high-precision, high sensitivity analysis, component analysis and special application of high-end aspects of the gap between the high-end Portable Crushing Station products almost 100% imported from abroad, 90% of the chip dependent on foreign countries, China lacks new principles, new devices and new material Portable Crushing Station R & D and industrialization capabilities.
  • Second, the key technology has not yet broken. Design technology, packaging technology, equipment and other aspects of technology there is a big gap. China has no set of independent intellectual property rights of the Portable Crushing Station design software, the reliability of Chinese Portable Crushing Station than similar foreign products 1-2 orders of magnitude, the Portable Crushing Station package has not yet formed a series, standard and unified interface. Portable Crushing Station technology equipment R & D and production by foreign monopoly.
  • Third, the irrational industrial structure, variety, specifications, incomplete series, technical indicators are not high. China's Portable Crushing Station products are often not a series, the product in the measurement accuracy, temperature characteristics, response time, stability, reliability and other indicators and abroad there is a considerable gap.
  • Fourth, weak business capacity More than 95% of China Portable Crushing Station Manufacturer are small enterprises, small scale, weak research and development capabilities, poor economies of scale. From the current market share and market competitiveness index, foreign-funded enterprises still occupy a larger advantage.

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