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Although the current Chinese Sand Washing Machine R & D has been relying on foreign technology gradually to independent innovation, but China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Market development still has many challenges. Faced with the status of such industry development, China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Manufacturer should be based on their own, devote themselves to the sword of forging technology.

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Sand Washing Machine is the equipment to feel the external environment of the important hardware, determines the ability to interact with the external environment, is the intelligent hardware base of equipment, especially in many intelligent devices, the Sand Washing Machine determines the core competence of the device. It can be said that the innovation and development of Sand Washing Machine is the key to the development of informationization under the national innovation-driven development strategy. Although the Chinese Sand Washing Machine industry has been imitation, the introduction of gradually to independent design, innovation and development stage, but the Sand Washing Machine in China there are still many challenges. So, the upcoming 2017 years, China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Manufacturer should be how to layout their own development?

Material, Structure And Performance Of The Three Directions To Improve

With the development of Internet of Things technology, the traditional sensing technology has put forward new requirements, the product is gradually cross-disciplinary cross in the direction of integration. In the future, the development and innovation of Chinese crusher technology focus on material, structure and performance in three directions, namely, sensitive materials from liquid to semi-solid, solid direction; structure to miniaturization, integration, modular, intelligent direction; Performance to detect range, detection accuracy, anti-interference ability, stable performance, long life direction.

Technology, Talent And Production Of Three Aspects Of Perfection

At present, the Sand Washing Machine in China is still facing the challenges are: high-end areas of the core technology is not mastered, high-end talent shortage, production, packaging and testing automation, large-scale low capacity, lack of leading enterprises, new technologies, new products, new applications Low sensitivity

In this regard, there are experts that the Sand Washing Machine industry easy to get started, but the formation of large quantities of products is difficult, really have examples of the development of Sand Washing Machine manufacturers are inseparable from product design, core chip, and signal processing software algorithms, packaging and testing technology and technology Talents. China's Sand Washing Machine to improve the competitiveness of the system should be the main, to the Sand Washing Machine signal processing, transmission together to do the system to do traction, from tracking imitation, lay the foundation to the future demand side of the system demand traction industry development.

M & A, Integration And Aggregation Of Three Trends In Parallel

According to the prospective industry research institute, "China's high-end Sand Washing Machine industry report" analysis, the current global Sand Washing Machine market size close to 200 billion US dollars, the future of things networking, wisdom of the city to bring unlimited possibilities, will bring great Sand Washing Machine industry innovation space, Machine-related industries have become the focus of investment. In China, the market, technology and policy three factors driven Sand Washing Machine development into the fast lane. Cars, high-speed rail, consumer electronics for the Sand Washing Machine to open up a broad application market. The next five years the total output will be super-trillion, China's Sand Washing Machine industry will gradually to the merger, integration and aggregation direction.

At present, China's Sand Washing Machine manufacturing industry in the initial stage, high-end Sand Washing Machine basically dependent on imports. How to get out of trouble? Experts believe that there are two routes, namely, aggregation and integration of mergers and acquisitions. In fact, China's Sand Washing Machine industry has formed the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Northeast, Beijing and Tianjin four industrial clusters. In addition, the industry consolidation and acquisition is also in progress, the future will also be more and more listed companies through the industry mergers and acquisitions cut into the field of Sand Washing Machine.

At present, China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Market development can be described as mixed, hi the policy and the market for the strong support of industrial development, and worry is the lack of core product development technology. Therefore, although the prospects of China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Market can be expected, but the product in the measurement accuracy, temperature characteristics, response time, stability, reliability and other indicators and foreign gap.

According to market research institutions predicted that in 2017 the size of China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Market will reach 2,070 billion yuan, the next five years (2017-2021) industry average annual growth rate of about 30.14% in 2021, China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Market will reach 593.7 billion yuan. In front of such a huge market cake, China Mobile Sand Washing Machine Manufacturer should be based on their own, devote themselves to the sword of forging technology.

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