Basalt Crusher

Matters needing attention in daily use and maintenance of Basalt Crusher equipment

Matters needing attention in Basalt Crushers

Iron removal and iron removal are important measures to ensure the safe operation of crushing equipment. Especially for spring cone Basalt Crusher is more important. Because, although the spring type cone Basalt Crusher is equipped with a spring safety device in the structure, it is often stuck by a large amount of metal because of its small discharge port, which causes equipment accidents and stops production. At present, the commonly used iron removal equipment in production are suspended magnet, electromagnetic drum and metal detectors, and many concentrators have realized iron removal automation.

Basalt Crusher in the daily use process, the need for routine maintenance, but also need to pay attention to the rational use of the machine to avoid damage.

Daily maintenance of Basalt Crusher:

  • 1. Before starting the test run, it is necessary to strictly check whether all parts of the machine are installed in accordance with the requirements, whether the bolts are loose, and whether the belt can be pulled by hand for trial run, and whether there is a shell collision. At the same time, check the rotation direction and strictly prohibit smashing flammable and explosive materials so as to avoid accidents.
  • 2. In order to ensure the crushing quality and normal production, uniform blanking should be maintained in production, and motor overload should be strictly prohibited to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  • 3. In addition to regular attention to check the fastening looseness of various parts, pay attention to check the wear of vulnerable parts, such as severe wear should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main components.
  • 4. Check the wear condition of the tooth plate of the Basalt Crusher frequently, if the wear is serious, replace the tooth plate in time, so as to avoid the phenomenon of running granularity.
  • 5. Because of the high rotational speed of the Basalt Crusher, besides the correct and firm installation, good lubrication should be maintained to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature is not more than 70 degrees is normal. The main bearing is added butter and molybdenum disulfide once a week, and the effect of high speed butter is better.

Use and maintenance of Basalt Crusher

  • 1. No matter how to feed the Basalt Crusher, reliable rust removal devices must be installed to prevent other chores from entering the Basalt Crusher.
  • 2, the Basalt Crusher must start at no load. Before starting, the remaining materials in the Basalt Crusher must be inspected and cleared.
  • 3. If the Basalt Crusher is stopped for a long time or starts for the first time, it should rotate the big pulley by manpower for 2-3 weeks in advance to make sure that the machine runs smoothly, and then "point" the motor several times. When the motor runs in the right direction, it can start the Basalt Crusher formally.
  • 4, start the Basalt Crusher to achieve the normal speed, and can start feeding without exception.

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