Keep the Construction Waste Crusher Away From The Card

Keep the Construction Waste Crusher Away From The Card

In the working process of the Construction Waste Crusher, sometimes down card material mine phenomenon, directly affect the subsequent production. Then, what are the reasons for the crushing of the Construction Waste Crusher? How should I solve this problem? Learn the following four points so that you won't be bothered by Construction Waste Crusher cards anymore.

High Moisture Content Of Material

In the work process of the Construction Waste Crusher, if the ore with high content of water, into the crushing chamber, water containing material being broken into small pieces, are stuck together, plugging in the two block of jaw crushing cavity directly, cause the card material. Or the material is mixed with sticky larger clay, so that the material is glued into a block in the crushing chamber, the occurrence of card phenomenon. If this is the case for a long time, it will not only affect the production efficiency, but also the material on the jaw plate will corrode the jaw plate and accelerate the wear of the jaw plate.

Terms Of Settlement

Before the material enters the Construction Waste Crusher, the preparation and screening of the material is carried out to reduce the moisture and viscosity of the material. Dehydration can be done by natural drying, drying, or choice of drying equipment.

Excessive Material Intake

In the Construction Waste Crusher production process, some operators in order to speed up the production schedule, increase the amount of feed, beyond the Construction Waste Crusher's normal production capacity, the material in the crushing chamber can not be broken in time, resulting in card material.

Terms Of Settlement

Professional training to operators to make them understand and familiar with the relevant knowledge of Construction Waste Crusher, can achieve continuous and stable feeding, can effectively reduce the occurrence of card material phenomenon.

Improper Adjustment Of Discharge Port

The phenomenon of sticking may occur because the discharge port is too small, and the broken material can not be discharged in time.

Terms Of Settlement

Properly adjust the discharge port of the Construction Waste Crusher, increase the size of the discharge port, so that the broken material can be discharged smoothly from the discharge port.

Not Knowing The Parameters Of The Construction Waste Crusher

Prior to use, the parameters of the jaw Construction Waste Crusher are not specified first, especially the material properties. The material does not meet the requirements of the jaw Construction Waste Crusher production process. After entering the crushing chamber, the crushing effect can not be achieved, and the production efficiency is reduced, resulting in the phenomenon of material inclusion.

Terms Of Settlement

Before using the Construction Waste Crusher for production, the parameters of the Construction Waste Crusher shall be determined, especially the requirements for the properties of the material. According to the Construction Waste Crusher related material requirements (such as size, hardness, etc.), put the appropriate material.

The card material is very easy to appear in the production process of the Construction Waste Crusher, but as long as the reason is found, it is easy to solve the problem according to the correct method. The above are the reasons and solutions for the crushing machine card materials we ordered. If you have any questions or you have better suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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