Pay Attention To The Operation Of The Construction Waste Crusher

Because of its simple structure, easy operation, good particle size and cheap price, the Construction Waste Crusher is widely used in mine production. The production efficiency of the Construction Waste Crusher directly affects the profits of the users. In production, if not handled properly, it will not only affect the production efficiency of the Construction Waste Crusher, but also may cause damage to the Construction Waste Crusher. In the operation of the Construction Waste Crusher, pay attention to the following points, efficient production is not a matter.

Check Construction Waste Crusher Before Driving

Before The Construction Waste Crusher Is Started, A Strict Inspection Should Be Carried Out:

  • 1, strictly check the fixed motor anchor bolts, bolts, bearings, bolts and other fixed parts of the retaining plate whether there is loose phenomenon.
  • 2. Check whether the fixing piece of the counterattack plate is loose or crushing.
  • 3, to check the inside of the device, such as wear plate hammer is serious, because the plate hammer has a great influence on the grain size, should also check the parts of other parts, including the degree of wear, without crack etc..
  • 4, confirm the upper and lower process, until the belt conveyor and bag filter are running properly, you can start.

Adjust The Clearance Between The Plate And The Hammer

The clearance between the plate and the hammer has a great influence on the particle size. Before driving, the backlash between the counter plate and the hammer shall be adjusted to the required range. PF1000 series of above models, the first adjustment gap 120 + 20mm, second gap 100 + 20mm, third gap 80 + 20mm.

Start And Stop In Accordance With The Order

When driving, you should first confirm the crushing cavity no material or not easily crushing debris, and then try to start the machine to check the motor rotation direction and rotation direction is consistent with the requirements, confirm the site can start normal. Boot sequence is generally: dust collection equipment - belt machine - Construction Waste Crusher - feeder, first idling, after a few minutes to determine no abnormal circumstances, and then feeding.

When parking, the feeder should be stopped first, and all the materials in the Construction Waste Crusher will be discharged to stop the operation of the main motor, and then stop the belt conveyor and dust collection equipment.

Homogeneous Feeding

The Construction Waste Crusher should be fed evenly to prevent the larger materials and non crushing materials from entering the crushing chamber. If the Construction Waste Crusher is found to have abnormal vibration and noise, it should stop inspection, check the reasons and troubleshooting, then restart the Construction Waste Crusher.

Check Lubrication System Regularly

In the normal operation of the Construction Waste Crusher, the operator shall check the operation of the lubrication system regularly and add and replace the new lubricant at regular intervals. Under normal circumstances, the rotor bearing temperature shall not exceed 60 degrees, the maximum shall not exceed 75 degrees. If the temperature rise exceeds, should stop the inspection immediately, take effective measures to deal with.

Timely Replacement Of Wear-Resistant Parts

For wear resistant parts, especially the hammer and counterattack plate, contact materials should be replaced promptly. When replacing the plate hammer, attention should be paid to the selection of the new plate hammer in order to keep the rotor with better static balance.

Good Ventilation And Dust Prevention

Construction Waste Crusher crushing material mainly through impact energy, in operation has a strong impact, easy to produce dust. In production, ventilation and dust absorption should be done to meet environmental protection requirements.

The above is the Construction Waste Crusher operation, we need to pay attention to several points. If you have any questions or better suggestions, please contact us.

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