What You Don'T Know About The Stone Crushing Equipment Flywheel?

Looking at the shape of the Stone Crushing Equipment, it can be seen that the flywheel and groove wheel are respectively installed on both sides of the eccentric shaft. Many people know nothing about the role of the flywheel. In the Stone Crushing Equipment, in addition to balancing the weight of the sheave, the flywheel also has an important function in storing energy. Because the Stone Crushing Equipment is intermittent work, the sub work and idle stroke, resulting in very uneven load on the motor. In order to balance the load of the motor, the energy of the idle stroke is stored when the jaw moves away from the jaw so that all the energy is released during the working stroke.

Since the flywheel plays an important role in the work process of the Stone Crushing Equipment, once the flywheel has problems, it will directly affect the production of the Stone Crushing Equipment. Below, Xiaobian together with you to see the flywheel prone problems and how to solve.

The Stone Crushing Equipment operation is not possible and the flywheel still rotates

The Stone Crushing Equipment failed to function properly, but the flywheel continued to rotate.

Failure Cause

The eccentric shaft rod device of the Stone Crushing Equipment is damaged, which causes the elbow plate to lose support. When the pull rod spring fails, the elbow plate slips out of the rod support block and the elbow plate is broken due to a large load. At this point, the particle size can not be adjusted, Stone Crushing Equipment host stop, but the flywheel will continue to rotate.

Terms Of Settlement

Check the operation of the elbow plate and relevant parts and adjust it in time. When the elbow plate breaks, replace the new one in time.

When the flywheel fails, the eccentric shaft does not operate

When the flywheel fails, the flywheel rotates, but the eccentric shaft can not work or the speed is slow, resulting in the Stone Crushing Equipment can not be broken.

Failure cause

The cause of the fault may be loose connector pulley and the flywheel or broken, lost connection, flywheel and pulley can synchronously, which leads to the flywheel and the eccentric shaft is not synchronous operation, eccentric shaft failure.

Terms Of Settlement

Regular inspection of flywheel connections, found loose or damaged, should be repaired in a timely manner, to ensure that the flywheel and eccentric shaft synchronous operation, so that the Stone Crushing Equipment work properly.

Abnormal Swing Of Flywheel

Failure Cause

The swing of the flywheel is unusual because the material is rolled into the inside of the wheel for a long period of work, causing the flywheel housing to crack. At the same time, the flywheel hole, belt wheel, flywheel key, bearing wear, resulting in parts of the important parts of loose, and the flywheel tension sleeve defects and loosening the casting machine itself, these problems will lead to the flywheel of jaw Stone Crushing Equipment appeared the phenomenon of excessive swing.

Terms Of Settlement

When the flywheel swings abnormally, it needs to be stopped and repaired immediately. Increase the flywheel, groove wheel protective cover, and replace the eccentric shaft, groove wheel, wear parts should be replaced in time.

In addition, the operator should pay attention to the inspection of the flywheel before the start of the Stone Crushing Equipment and the end of the crushing work. The problems are found in time and the normal operation of the equipment is ensured.

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