When the cone crusher meets the "speed" and "stuffy"

"Mirror" and "speed" is the cone crusher machine may appear to work, although only one word, but the reasons for these two kinds of situations and solutions are very different. Cone crusher main stop suddenly, commonly known as "stuffy car"". The phenomenon of "flying speed" refers to the coning instability of cone shaped crusher. Today, Xiao Bian together with you to see the cone crusher, "stuffy car" and "speed" phenomenon of the causes and solutions.

"Stuffy Car" Reasons

Discharge Plug

In the production process of cone crusher, excessive or uneven feeding will lead to the clogging of the discharge port, resulting in the overload of the cone crusher and the breakage of the fuse, resulting in the stop of the crusher.

Belt Loose

Cone crusher on power transmission belt, if the driving groove of the rotating loose belts would cause the belt slipping, provide enough power to the normal work of the machine, resulting in cone crusher suddenly shut down.

Eccentric Shaft Snap

When the eccentric shaft abdapter loose or fall off, resulting in a bearing seat on both sides no gap, the eccentric shaft is stuck, unable to rotate, this will cause the cone crusher suddenly shut down, "stuffy car".

Bearing Damage

The bearing is a very important part of the cone crusher, which is used to reduce the friction coefficient in the working process. If the bearing is damaged, the other broken parts will not work properly, resulting in a sudden shutdown of the cone crusher.

The Voltage Is Too Low Or Too High

When the voltage of the construction site is unstable or too low, it is easy to force the cone crusher to protect itself and cause the stop. Therefore, the operator must check the voltage before starting the machine.

How To Solve The "Stuffy Car" Phenomenon?

  • 1, before turning on, see the cone crusher discharge port whether there are residues blocked, if there is, should immediately clean up, but also pay attention to control, uniform feeding, not too much or too little;
  • 2, check the belt tightness is appropriate, reasonable adjustment, prevent too tight or too loose;
  • 3, pay attention to the voltage, keep the voltage stability;
  • 4, pay attention to routine maintenance, bearings are extremely important, lubrication work should be done to reduce wear and tear;
  • 5, pay attention to the location of eccentric bearing sets to prevent card machine phenomenon.

Phenomenon of "flying car"

In the production process of cone crusher cone part with a certain speed to do periodic swing movement, but because of some special reasons, there will be a sudden increase of cone speed, the body instantly generate severe vibration, insurance or insurance cylinder spring in non normal working state, the working current at the moment increases, the oil return temperature increased dramatically, which is called the coaster.

Reasons for "speed"

The quality of the inner wall of the cone sleeve is poor

The quality of the cone sleeve does not pass, which leads to the friction between the cone sleeve and the main shaft, and the oil film is destroyed, thus causing the rotation of the main shaft to be out of control, resulting in a "speed"".

The gap between the copper sleeve and the spindle is not suitable

When assembling, the gap between the copper sleeve and the main shaft is too large or too small, which will affect the cone crusher. When the clearance is too large, the cone sleeve and the main shaft will collide, and the moving cone will vibrate violently, resulting in strong vibration of the body. The gap is too small, may make the oil copper sleeve and a main contact place reduced or dry, unable to form a lubricating oil film or film thickness is not enough, resulting in "speed".

Improper scraping of ball tile

If the tile is scraped improperly, the contact radius of the ball will become smaller, and the speed of the circumferential contour will be increased. When the speed is too high, the centrifugal force will be gradually formed, resulting in the phenomenon of "flying".

Excessive load on cone sleeve

When running into the sleeve, non broken material crushing cavity (Guo Tie), leading to excessive loads caused by fixed cone sleeve with zinc sleeve off, caused by channeling, clearance between the spindle and the cone sleeve is smaller, the formation of "axle", the spindle will follow the fast running and speed of eccentric sleeve".

Poor lubrication

The dustproof device failure or closed lax, broken part of the dust in the cavity into the lubricating oil, the lubricating parts (crushing cone bottom and spherical bearing between the movable cone and eccentric sleeve, bevel gear, horizontal size between shaft and sleeve between) between the bad lubrication, friction. Lubrication system oil temperature rising, when the temperature is close to or higher than 55 DEG C, decrease oil viscosity, unable to form a ball within the oil film, resulting in "speed" phenomenon.

How to solve the "flying car" problem?

In general, there are two main reasons causing cone crusher "speed": one is the repair and adjustment leads to the spindle and cone sleeve clearance is too small or the spherical bush scraping two is improper; improper operation and maintenance, lubricating oil is not qualified or failure. Therefore, we can solve the problem of "flying speed" from the following aspects:

Make sure the spindle is in full contact with the cone sleeve

Ensure the sleeve inside and outside the hole assembly clearance, and ensure the spindle sleeve along the length of contact (increase in plate, spherical bearing seat can change the sleeve clearance and the moving cone), cone and the center sleeve must be fixed with zinc alloy melt, to ensure that no relative motion between the two.

The space eccentric sleeve and the nylon vertical suit match the gap reasonably

Clearance caused by eccentric shaft and main shaft inclined cone and eccentric sleeve can lead to full contact, will make the bushing overheating, the swing amplitude increases, vibration; too small will cause fever and bush.

Carefully select the lubricant

When selecting lubricating oil, it is necessary to select the equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of the number, to ensure that the indicators and standards in line with, in particular, pay attention to viscosity and liquidity. To ensure that the oil standard of lubricating oil, deterioration or dirty oil will accelerate the wear of gear, shaft sleeve and bowl, and even make research die sleeve.

Uniform feeding

In the work of cone crusher, the materials should be uniformly distributed and not offset. If the feed will not appear to reduce production capacity, product size is too large, the spring moves frequently, bowl bearing pressure, rising power consumption. Too much pressure will result in "runaway" and "axle breaking" accidents.

There are many reasons for the cone crusher "stuffy car" and "speed", only in practice constantly sum up experience, and in strict accordance with the equipment operation and maintenance procedures, correctly handle the fault, we can effectively improve the cone crusher production efficiency and production efficiency.

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